Anglais Pratique de la langue (LANG401_ANG)

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The class this semester explores the prosodic aspects of English, covering the remaining chapters of Peter Roach’s book: syllable structure; lexical stress in simple and complex words; aspects of connected speech (rhythm, assimilation, elision & linking); intonation (form and functions).

Students will continue to practice with standard symbols for broad transcription of “RP” English.

Differences with other varieties will be pointed out as they arise in context.

The lab sessions provide opportunities for students to apply this knowledge to improving their own pronunciation, with one of two standards (Standard Southern British English or General American English) as the target models.


Obligatory for class sessions:

Roach, P. (2009), English Phonetics & Phonology: A Practical Course, 4th edition, CUP ISBN-10: 052171740X ISBN-13: 978-0521717403.

Obligatory for lab sessions:

Hewings, M. (2007). English Pronunciation in Use (Advanced), Cambridge University Press, 2007.
Henderson, A. (2015). Say It Again, Please. Université Savoie Mont Blanc. ISBN 978-2-919732-43-2. *This book is subsequently used in L3 and can be bought/sold second-hand at the start of the academic year.

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Students who take this class must also attend a weekly, one-hour language lab training session.

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