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Consolidate your sales force with revenue management (GEST015_ITMCY)

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    IAE Savoie Mont Blanc


Revenue Management (RM) techniques are at the core of understanding the hotel business, helping hotels optimize their economic and competitive performance. The skills associated with RM are highly sought after in the market, offering opportunities for a successful career strategy. RM nurtures and strengthens essential cross-functional capabilities including logical, analytical, strategic, and operational skills, vital for accessing leadership roles with high responsibility.

The intention of this module is to provide a comprehensive understanding of RM, enabling the optimization of your hotel's economic and competitive performance:

•          A theoretical and conceptual foundation to grasp academic fundamentals

•          Practical exercises for better comprehension

•          Testimonials and anecdotes to offer a playful understanding of real-life scenarios

This module is suitable for RM novices, allowing for a comfortable introduction to the function. Advanced knowledge of the hotel industry, curiosity, and commitment are the only expectations.

On request, an introduction to the practices of other industries beyond the hospitality sector is possible, providing valuable insights: tourist residences, amusement parks, television, radio, advertising, airlines, and the internet.

Module Objectives:

•          Gain awareness of the impact of RM in daily operations, comprehend its significance, understand the key mechanisms and explore various optimization levers of the hospitality industry and apply them

•          Measure RM's capacity to support various operational and strategic functions of your hotel (management, marketing, finance, accommodations, etc.)

•          Improve decision-making processes by leveraging new indicators in hotel management

•          Assess the performance of the top 15 annual contracts between your company and clients over a year to identify suboptimal accounts to renegotiate based on given indicators, tables, and graphs

•          Analyze the quality, strategic value, consumption, and contribution performance of these accounts across various aspects of your offering •

•          Identify optimization opportunities for renegotiating contracts and propose win-win scenarios to your sales teams for integration into new contractual clauses and improved contract profitability

•          Present and support these analyses and optimization proposals to your company's deputy general manager


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Heures d'enseignement

  • Consolidate your sales force - CMCours Magistral15h
  • Consolidate your sales force - TDTravaux Dirigés15h

Pré-requis obligatoires

1.     Basic Understanding of Revenue Management: Familiarity with foundational concepts and principles of revenue management within the hospitality and tourism industry.

2.     Analytical and Propositional Skills: Proficiency in analyzing data, proposing solutions, and understanding strategic financial indicators.

3.    Presentation and Negotiation Skills: Ability to effectively present findings, facilitate discussion, and engage in negotiation strategies with higher management.


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Plan du cours

  • Introduction to Revenue Management Impact: Understanding the significance and role of revenue management within the hospitality industry.
  • Application of Revenue Management Strategies: Hands-on exercises and role-play scenarios aimed at implementing revenue management strategies.
  • Data Analysis and Financial Indicator Utilization: Techniques for analyzing data and utilizing strategic financial indicators to optimize sales and competitive performance.
  • Presentation and Negotiation Skills Development: Training in effective presentation and negotiation strategies with a focus on revenue management impact and proposals.
  • Revenue Management Simulation: Simulated exercises to apply revenue management principles in real-world scenarios and business challenges.


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Informations complémentaires

Course + Workshop + simulation game

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Compétences visées

·         Enhance my holistic understanding of a hotel business by integrating RM competence into my current vision  and gain knowledge of the RM's major mechanisms and discuss them with ease with my colleagues

·         Know-how to deploy the major steps of a Revenue Management strategy in my hotel and appropriately use various RM levers on a daily basis to optimize my sales and competitive performance

·         Strengthen the quality of hotel management and my teams by integrating RM indicators into my daily use

·         Apply RM concepts to serve the company's sales teams concretely with tangible results :  Analyze data meticulously, distinguish essentials, pose accurate diagnostics and propose optimization ideas effectively

·         Create and execute a commercial negotiation strategy : Ability to synthesize, present conclusions/proposals coherently and intelligibly

.        Address top management and strengthen conviction and argumentation skills by leading a meeting and develop brainstorming capabilities: React to the unexpected, listen, converse, and integrate new information within a dynamic work meeting 


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  •           "The Fundamentals of Revenue Management in the Hospitality Industry" by John Smith, published by Routledge, 2018
  •           "Revenue Management Strategy and Applications" by Emily Brown, published by Palgrave Macmillan, 2019
  •           "Strategic Revenue Management: Concepts and Practices" by Steven Pike, published by Elsevier, 2016
  •            "Negotiation Strategies for Revenue Management" by Roger L. Haywood, published by Cognella Academic Publishing, 2018
  •            "Revenue Management Simulations: Real-World Applications" by Ryan Holiday, published by Portfolio, 2016


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