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Comportement du consommateur (CONS01_SDMAYA)

  • ECTS

    3 crédits

  • Composante

    IAE Savoie Mont Blanc


This course will focus on the understanding of consumer behavior, how and why

consumers make purchase decisions, how they think, feel and act before, during and after the

purchase or consumption experience Understanding consumers enables marketers to more

effectively meet the needs of buyers in the market, and be more successful in the market. Another goal of this course will be for students to practice english.

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Heures d'enseignement

  • Comportement du consommateur - CMCours Magistral10,5h
  • Comportement du consommateur - TDTravaux Dirigés10,5h

Plan du cours

Chapter 1 Why studying consumer behavior

  • Who needs to understand the consumer?
  • The main objectives of studying consumer behavior

Chapter 2 Defining consumer behavior

  • What behaviors do we study ?
  • How do we analyze consumer behavior ?
  • Consumer behavior studies and ethics

Chapter 3 Internal and external influences on consumer behavior

  • Internal influences on consumer behavior
  • External influences on consumer behavior

Chapter 4 Decision making process

  • The process and the steps
  • Decision categories
  • Marketing persona


Project workshop :

Toolkit 1 – What is Videography ?

Toolkit 2 : What is Netnography ?

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Informations complémentaires

Responsable du cours : Sophie MARTINS

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Compétences visées

Understand the consumer decision-making processes.

Apply consumer behaviour principles in a variety of contexts, and in an ethical manner.

Enable students to develop marketing strategies that are consumer based and create and enhance customer value.

Communicate their thinking regarding these principles in a style appropriate for a business environment individually and in teams.

Improve professional english level

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