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The US and Liberal Democracy: What Role in the 21st Century? 

This course is related to different academic fields: American history, contemporary American Foreign Policy, political theory, international relations, all being involved in its object, which is the special role the United States has played/is playing in the promotion of liberal democracy.


Allow students to understand what liberal democracy is, the role the United States has historically played in its promotion, the difficult situation it is currently facing as well the different policies the US has defined to promote it, particularly since the end of the cold war.


Niveau B2

Plan du cours

1-     Introduction

2-     Liberal democracy in early American history

3-     Manifest destiny: spreading democracy in North America

4-     Wilsonianism: democracy promotion made universal

5-     Democracy promotion during the cold war

6-     The post-cold war moment and its illusions

7-     The rise of illiberal democracy

8-     G.W.Bush: wilsonianism in boots

9-     Obama’s peculiar approach to democracy promotion

10- At the crossroads: Trumpism and the future of liberal democracy



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-------------------, A Pact with the Devil, New York: Routledge, 2007

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