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LP - Performance sports textile & footwear (en anglais)


  • UFR, Écoles, Instituts :
    • IUT d'Annecy
  • Métiers visés :

    Product Manager or Product Developer for textile/footwearProject Manager or Designer for the outdoor Sports & Leisure Industry (apparel, footwear, accessories)


The Bachelor "Performance Sports Textile & Footwear" (PSTF) aims to train future professionals in the Outdoor sports industry.

This is a one-year International Program including a 4-month internship.In order to meet recruiter expectations as closely as possible, the UniversityInstitute of  Technology, IUT Annecy, has developed and implemented twoeducational programs in close partnership with professionals from theindustry through collaboration with the “Outdoor Sports Valley” tradeassociation.This partnership will ensure that students will graduate with skills that fitrecruiter expectations, and will help graduates to be more quickly placed in companies for both internships and employment.



To train future international sales representatives and managers to master applied sales techniques in the outdoor sports industry and to be capable of working in an international environment. The curriculum will provide a solid understanding of sales and operational marketing techniques for the sports markets.

Spécificités de la formation

Course content
• Understand the sportsmen needs (biomecanic, physiology…)
• Understand and exploit marketing specifications
• Understand ans exploit R&D and innovation
• Integrate sustainable development in Sports Industry
• Understand Manufactoring processes
• Know The economy of technical textile fundamentals
• Know The Industry of technical textile fundamentals
• Discover Design and Fashion
• Organize and communicate, learn project management
• Practice : project, work placement, professional fairs


  • Lieu(x) de la formation :
    • Annecy-le-Vieux (74)

Stages et projets


Project and Internship

  • Each student participates in a group project involving work on a specific issue providedby outdoor sports industry stakeholders.
  • The 4 month internship (mostly in English) takes place in an outdoor sports industrycompany in France or abroad.
  • Both the project and the internship will be graded based on a written report and anoral presentation.

Nature du stage


Durée du stage

4 à 6 mois

Lieu de stage

En France ou à l'étranger


LP - Performance sports textile & footwear

Modalités d'accès

  • Public cible :

    Two years of Higher Education studies (120 ECTS) from a Scientific, Technical orDesign (fashion) background and wishing to work in the Sports industry.All nationalities. A very high level of English is essential.Application is also available for adults by means of Acquired Experience Validation.

  • Pré-requis nécessaires :


    • Good level of English•Interested in outdoor sports
    • Interested in technical textiles

Et après

  • Métiers visés :

    Product Manager or Product Developer for textile/footwearProject Manager or Designer for the outdoor Sports & Leisure Industry (apparel, footwear, accessories)

Secteur(s) d'activité

Inrolling in this program, the students can work directly in Outdoor Sports Industry.


Contacts de la formation


Christine Rieu

Tél : +33 4 50 09 23 60

Email : Christine.Rieu @

Secrétariat pédagogique

Caroline Althey

Tél : +33 4 50 09 23 08

Email : Caroline.Althey @

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  • Langue d'enseignement: Anglais