Licence professionnelle Commercialisation de produits et services

LP - International sales specialists in sports


  • UFR, Écoles, Instituts :
    • IUT d'Annecy
  • Régime(s) d’études :
    • Formation initiale
  • Etablissement(s) partenaire(s) :
  • Métiers visés :

    Sales representatives, Regional manager, Shop manager, Head of international sales, export manager, foreign brand agent


Bachelor Degree :
A one-year International Program (6 months and a 4 to 6 months internship).

  • All courses in English
  • Opened in 2014


To train future international sales representatives and managers to master applied sales techniques in the outdoor sports industry and to be capable of working in an international environment. The curriculum will provide a solid understanding of sales and operational marketing techniques for the sports markets.

Autre(s) structure(s) partenaire(s)

The Outdoor Sports Valley

Informations supplémentaires

La formation est développée en partenariat avec l’association Outdoor Sports Valley,  OSV. Cette association regroupe 260 membres dont 150 membres actifs fabricants, distributeurs, détaillants ou designers de l’industrie outdoor. OSV a pour vocation de fédérer, représenter et contribuer au développement des entreprises de l’industrie des sports outdoor.


6 Avenue des Iles
74 000 Annecy - France
Tel : +33 (0) 450 675 391


  • Lieu(x) de la formation :
    • Annecy-le-Vieux (74)



1 année

Stages et projets


Un stage obligatoire de 4 mois minimum est réalisé entre mars et juin dans l’industrie du sport, en France ou à l’étranger.

Nature du stage


Durée du stage

4 mois

Lieu de stage

En France ou à l'étranger


LP - International sales specialists in sports

Modalités d'accès

  • Public cible :
    • Students of all nationalities with 2 years of university level studies
    • For those who have an inclination for sales, operational marketing and sports industry, with an international vision

Et après

  • Métiers visés :

    Sales representatives, Regional manager, Shop manager, Head of international sales, export manager, foreign brand agent


Contacts de la formation


Catherine Puthod

Tél : +33 4 50 09 23 72

Email : Catherine.Puthod @

Secrétariat pédagogique

Caroline Althey

Tél : +33 4 50 09 23 08

Email : Caroline.Althey @

En savoir plus sur la composante d'accueil

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IUT d'Annecy


  • Langue d'enseignement: Anglais


‘‘ The I3S experience, allowed me to reach out to many new opportunities and also meet many interesting people from different industries, but most importantly it helped achieve a major goal in my life: “Working abroad”. Even though this program is new, everybody involved in it is 100% engaged, and you can really feel that you are being supported for your future career. With the I3S program, I was able to realize my internship in China (Shanghai). This internship opened me to a lot of new opportunities and horizons, and this would not have been possible without the support of the I3S team. I am still today working in Shanghai, and wish for everyone in this section to achieve his or her personal objectives.’’

Alexandre NEYRINCK